How do we make our products at Tale Of The Future?

Hours of skilled craftsmanship and age-old culture go into the making of Tale Of The Future products. The combination of traditional methods with modern standards and trends help us create one-of-a-kind items. We’d like to think that the imperfections that come along with the process of meticulous handiwork give each product their own unique identities.

What materials do you use?
In order to adhere to the sustainability standards that we believe in, we do our level best to use natural fabrics and ingredients that do the least harm to the environment and to the users of our products.
That’s why we resort to using materials like canvas, cotton, and jute; and dyeing them with AZO-free colours to ensure they are safe for use and less harmful to the environment. Furthermore, we replace the use of plastic foams and components with the naturally strong and versatile jute while our webbing and tapes are cottons.

Why some of your products seem imperfect?
As the saying goes: there is a certain beauty to things that are imperfect, they are much more interesting. Since we prefer to use skilled craftsmen instead of complex machinery, our products are not all the same. The handiwork that goes into making our products is what makes them so special, and the imperfections that come with the process of traditional handcrafting is what gives them their unique personalities.

What if I want to return the product?
The products you are purchasing are made by artists and craftsmen residing in the Himalayan Regions, and your purchase helps encourage and support their livelihood. We do our best to ensure our products are of the highest quality. However, because they are not machine made, each product is different and has its own natural imperfection.
In the case that you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can send us an email to tofftshop@gmail.com and we will assist you with further processing.

How to care for Tofft bags and backpacks?
General care instructions that apply to all our bags:
– Do not wash your bag in the washing machine.
– Do not use dry cleaning chemicals
– Avoid leaving on hot radiators or exposed to hot direct sunlight for long periods of time.
– Avoid storing your bag in an airtight container and ensure it gets used or aired every few months if possible