Our story

Taleofthefuture story

It all started with a passion for sustainable design. 

The rich cultures and traditions we observed while navigating through the cryptic crevices of the mystic Himalayas of Nepal, all the way down to the desolate deserts of India, were simply astounding. The gripping and diverse lifestyles that have lived on through generations and generations in these lands are what inspire our products and designs. What especially took us were the unique handcrafting traditions of the locals.

By merging these old traditions with modern ethical production, every product tells a story of the lifestyles of the amazing people who make them.
Whether it’s our organic tea and coffee, or our authentic handmade canvas bags and backpacks; every product you find in www.taleofthefuture.com is made with immense love and an undying passion to keep nature safe.