5 Buddhas Incense Sticks
5 Buddhas Incense Sticks
5 Buddhas Incense Sticks

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5 Buddhas Incense Sticks

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The Five Dhyani Buddha is a high quality, handmade Tibetan incense pack that comprises of 5 bundles of different incenses, each contriving in them the mystical aromas of the Himalayan Mountain regions of Nepal and Tibet.
All 5 incenses are named in respect to 5 Buddhas; namely Aksobhya, Amitabha, Amoghsiddhi, Ratnasambhava and Vairochana. Each represents a different aspect of enlightened conscience to aid in the divine life. Each ingredient is deliberately used to acquire the power of those Buddhas and enhance the real benefit of the ingredients.

This gift pack comes with a great Nepalese Lokta Paper Box along with a clay flower incense holder and a few small sized samples.

1. Ratnasambhava Incense for Richness and sensation
Main Ingredients: Juniper, Valerian, Greater Cardamom

2. Amoghsiddhi Incense for the accomplishment of each action
Main Ingredients: Krishna Agur, Sweetflag Rhizome, Himalayan Pencil Cedar

3. Akshobhya Incense for an enlightened state
Main Ingredients: Sandalwood, Liquorice, Holy Basil.

4. Virochana Incense for manifestation, high character and distinction.
Main Ingredients: Spikenard, Saldhoop, Gum

5. Amitabha Incense for mercy, wisdom, gentleness and purity
Main Ingredients: Kuth, Kum-Kum, Asparagus

Size: 7 inches long
Number of Incense Sticks: 21 in each pack x 5=105 sticks total.
Burns for 50-60 mins approx.