Ceramic Cup Coasters - Flowers Set
Ceramic Cup Coasters - Flowers Set

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Ceramic Cup Coasters - Flowers Set

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Set of 6 ceramic coasters are in an elegant floral design, which helps trap condensation. Coasters come neatly stacked in the white ceramic holder. Each measures 3.5"Dia. 

Ceramic drink coasters have a delicate classic texture of lace. Complete with a custom felt backing, from the artisans of Nepal.


Key features:

  • Glazed ceramic, felt
  • 10 cm in diameter
  • Handmade in Nepal


Our ceramics come from Thimi, a Nepalese village famous for its ceramic production in Nepal where the local potters still use traditional pottery techniques which have been handed down through generations. Made from a natural clay found in the hills of Nepal, non-toxic glazes and fired at high temperatures to ensure superior strength and quality.