Natural Tibetan Incense Myrrh
Natural Tibetan Incense Myrrh
Natural Tibetan Incense Myrrh

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Natural Tibetan Incense Myrrh

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Our natural myrrh incense sticks are handmade using only 100% natural ingredients. They are full of the scent and flavour of the Himalayan Mountain regions of Nepal and Tibet. 

Tibetan Incenses are prepared in accordance with the Vedic recipe and old Buddhist making method from Himalayan aromatic herbs and tree barks. The incenses should be kept in a dry place free from moisture to avoid damage.

Benefits of Myrrh Incenses:
The smell of the incenses is mild and sweet. They are non-toxic and made for relaxation purpose.

Main Ingredients:
Myrrh and other natural herbs.

No. of Sticks: 40 with an incense burner
Length: 4"
Burning Time: 30 minutes