Himalayan organic coffee - medium roast
Himalayan organic coffee - medium roast

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Himalayan organic coffee - medium roast

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Superior quality Himalayan hand roasted Arabica coffee beans from the purest parts of the Nepal regions. Our coffee has a fantastic rich taste.

Grown on the single plantation where farmers produce beautiful coffees, in a sustainable way. 

Net Weight: 250g
Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Himalayan Arabica Coffee Beans


Our coffee is 100% Caturra (Arabica) Coffee grown organically at an altitude of 2200 - 2400 feet above sea level. The plantation is situated on the banks of the snow-fed Trisuli River, which is used to irrigate fields and wash the parchment.

Coffee is 100% hand sorted and cleaned, and the operation has had a considerable impact on the livelihood of the local inhabitants of the region, especially in regard to its women's employment and training.